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Mezzawet/Small Plates
Dinner served from 11am-Close

Hummus Bi-Tahini
Made from scratch daily


Baba Ghanouj
Hummus's smoky cousin


Deep fried fritters of heaven


Salad of fresh chopped parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, and toasted bread, Tossed in garlic dressing


Kefir yogurt cheese spread, topped with olive oil and dried mint


Simple salad of cucumber, tomatoes, onions, mint, & parsley


Sheikh El-Ba'tenjein
Fried slices of breaded eggplant, topped with garlic sauce, tomatoes and parsley


Small rolled, toasted sandwich filled with marinated chicken breast and garlic, or Kafta and tomatoes


Kibbee Nayee
100% lean ground beef mixed with fine bulgur, onions, & spices **SERVED RAW**


Kibbee, shaped and formed into balls, stuffed with hashweh (ground beef, onions, pine nuts), and deep fried


French cut green beans cooked in a light tomato sauce


Zahret El-Arnabeet
Fried cauliflower florets, topped with taratour. (Sauce made with tahini, garlic, and chopped parsley)


Toum W'khibbaz(Garlic&Bread)


18% gratuity will be automatically added to parties of 5 or more

Lebanese Atmosphere


A truly authentic Lebanese dining experience. Newly remodeled full bar is now open.

Beirut Restaurant • 1385 Robert Street • West Saint Paul, MN • 55118 • 651.457.4886 •

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